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Elementary PBIS Field Day

The elementary PBIS Field Day was on Wednesday, May 20th.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped!


   FieldDay20151      FieldDay20154   


1st Graders Learn About Rocks!

Dr. Amy Berger, a Geology professor at Heidelberg University, taught these first graders about the 3 kinds of rocks. Students learned about how each kind of rock was formed. Dr. Berger brought many samples for the students to explore and touch. She even did an experiment to show that some rocks have a gas inside of them! The first graders especially liked the volcanic rocks and the rocks that were older than the dinosaurs!


   RockLessonFirstGrade20152      RockLessonFirstGrade20154

                 RockLessonFirstGrade20153   RockLessonFirstGrade20159





6th Grade Writing Club

The 6th Grade Writing Club visited the Bloomville Ruffing nursing home four times and interviewed residents.  After interviewing the residents, they created special memory books for them, showcasing their lives.

  writingclub1      writingclub2

  writingclub3      writingclub4

Thanks Avita!

Thanks to the Avita staff and volunteers for doing physicals for 150 Seneca East students on May 13th!


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