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2017-2018 Lunch Prices

K-5 : $2.60  a day           Weekly: $13.00

6-12: $2.85  a day          Weekly: $14.45

REDUCED: $.40 a day    Weekly: $2.00


Seneca East has a new school food service software program to implement exciting new technology designed to give more direct access to students' lunch accounts. This program allows internet access to what and when students are eating, current balances, and the option to add notes to the students' accounts for cashiers.

For more information about these Student IDs and how to set up an account, click here.

Here's the link:  e-funds

Food service supervisor:  Sandy Holmer

Food service staff:  LaDonna Bumb, Carol Falter, Joyce Pipher, Mary Niedermeier, Marge Roth, Sue Scherley, and Ida Young

Cashiers:  Karen Bumb, Penny Daniel, and Diane Kessler


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