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Seneca East 12th Graders Enjoy Senior Trip in the Bahamas



Recently, thirty-nine Seneca East seniors boarded a Jacksonville, Florida-bound plane to begin a four-day trip to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas aboard the Carnival Fascination for their 2016 senior trip.  Class members and parents voted on the destination in the fall, and the trip finally started on March 16th through the 21st.  While on this cultural experience, some students were able, for the first time, to experience an airport, a plane ride, and a cruise.   Also, while on the ship and while in the Bahamas, students were able not only to visit a foreign country and get a first-hand look at life outside the United States, but they were able to mingle with native people, experience shopping in Bahamian "malls," take part in formal dining situations, encounter marine life through snorkeling adventures, and meet people from all across the U.S.  This was an event that all will remember for years and years to come.

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