SE Elementary Recognizes Fire Safety and Prevention Poster Contest Winners

Seneca East Elementary students participate yearly in a Fire Safety and Prevention Poster Contest sponsored by the State Fire Marshal’s office.  The contest encourages students to think about their own homes and safety, and holding the contest yearly allows students to build on their awareness and knowledge about fire prevention as they get older.  The state-level winner for this year’s contest was Isabel Stockmaster, a 3rd grade student in Dana Foos’s classroom and daughter of Randy and Heather Stockmaster.  


On hand to recognize students and distribute awards from local fire departments were Gina Smith and Shane Vanderveen (Attica-Venice-Reed) and Chris Gosche (Republic).


2016 AVR Fire Poster Winners


Grades 4-6

1st Place Bryler Beamer, Gr. 4

2nd Place Emily Frontz, Gr. 5

3rd Place Lilly Schiefer, Gr. 5

Grades K-3

1st Place Isabel Stockmaster, Gr. 3 (State Winner)

2nd Place Madilynn Smith, Gr. 3

3rd Place Addie Fritz, Gr. 3


2016 Republic Fire Poster Winners

Grades 4-6

1st Place Olivia Stockmaster, Gr. 5

2nd Place Grace Stockmaster, Gr. 4

3rd Place Gavin Legron, Gr. 4

Grades K-3

1st Place Camryn Lantz, Gr. 3

2nd Place Alexa Snay, Gr. 3

3rd Place Quinlan Burroughs, Gr. 3

All of the staff and students at Seneca East want to thank our local firefighters for all they do to teach children about fire prevention and keep families safe in our communities.  If you know of a family in need of smoke alarms, please contact Brad Powers at school or one of your local fire department representatives.