English Classes Write to Celebrities

Miss Schrembeck's classes wrote to celebrities to practice writing and proper letter format. The students could choose any celebrity they wanted and some celebrities sent the students gifts back. So far they have received lots of responses!
1. Seth Biglin (10th grade, wearing gray shirt) got a Zink duck call 
2. Hailey King (11th grade, wearing tie die, holding up letter) got an autograph from Thomas Rhett
3. Abby Waldock (10th grade, photograph) got an autograph from Thomas Rhett on a picture she sent him
4. Hannah Michel (10th grade, holding up Indians goodies) got a Cleveland Indians package, which included a jersey, scarf, and hand written note back
5. Kristin Staab (10th grade, wearing black hoodie) got a book, Dark Desire, from author Christine Feehan 
6. Hailey Wolfe (10th grade, wearing burgundy shirt) received a letter and picture from Michael Conor
7. Megan Rife (10th grade,holding up cavs goodies) received a Cleveland Cavs gift box, which included a t-shirt, hat, bag, journal, pens, and mini basketball. 
8. Hanah Bisignano (10th grade, wearing blue)- got an autograph from Jennie Fitch
9. Alivia Lucius (11th grade, gray t shirt) received autographs from Diamond Rio and Heidi Klum