Seneca East SADD Club recognizes “Wipe Out Smoking” for the month of November

Every November, the third Thursday is set aside as the one day for all smokers to make a plan to quit smoking for good.  This year, The Great American Smoke Out is observed on November, 16, 2017.

Every day, several thousand adolescents in the United States light up their first cigarette, according to the statistics compiled by the American Cancer Society.  That means that more than a million kids will start smoking this year!  A third of those new smokers will eventually die of tobacco-related diseases.

This week, SADD Club members are teaching age-appropriate lessons to the elementary classes (grades 2-6) to begin the conversation on smoking.  Some of the topics include What is in a cigarette?, How does smoking and second-hand smoke effect your body?,  How to say “NO” to the peer pressure of smoking, and How does the media portray tobacco?, etc.  

Seneca East SADD Club wants to encourage all students, staff and community members to lead a tobacco-free life.  If you or any family member are addicted to tobacco, The American Cancer Society offers quit-smoking programs, resources, and support that increase your chances of quitting and staying quit.

Linda Bloomberg, SADD advisor