Seneca East’s SADD and FCCLA attend the CAVS SADD SEMINAR

On December 6th, 49 of Seneca East’s SADD and FCCLA club members attended a seminar at the “Q”in Cleveland.  The students participated in activities to simulate what it would be like to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and to experience how much it would affect their vision, reaction time, and balance.  There were also resource tables set up with pamphlets of information along with bracelets, pom poms, etc.

The guest speaker was Jim “Basketball” Jones who had the entire audience laughing and participating in basketball tricks.  He delivered a motivational speech as well with the main theme of “we are not perfect”, “never give up”, “we are all unique”, and “do the best that you can”.

Some of the schools had a chance to share what their SADD club does during the school year.  After sharing, all members played interactive Kahoot on their phones with questions pertaining to drugs, alcohol, suicide, depression, etc.  There were several prizes given out during the seminar donated by the CAVS.  

After the seminar, we walked to Tower City for dinner and then watched the CAVS beat the Sacramento Kings!!  All in all, the day was educational and entertaining for the SADD and FCCLA members.  We were very proud of our members behavior and participation in this event.